That Wasn’t So Bad…

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I’m not really a “new year, new me!” type person. To me January 1st is really just another day that we all happen to have off from work because traditionally most people are too hungover from the night before to function the next day.

And I’ve never been one of those “good riddance this previous year” types either because again the flipping over of the calendar from one year to the next doesn’t mean we can all forget what happened that previous year and in many cases what happened in that previous year you’re so eager to get away from still affects you in some shape or form in the new year.

That all said, for some reason yesterday as the clock was making it’s slow grind towards midnight all I could keep thinking was “thank God this year is done with..” which I instantly felt was strange. It’s not like 2015 was that horrible for me personally. It was certainly not fun at times with a new job I didn’t really care for thrust upon me, having my pay cut back and losing a couple of good friends along the way.

But it wasn’t that bad either. In fact those things that caused me stress may end up turning out ok in the end.

The issues at work forced me to adapt, learn new skills and become a better leader. And at the very least I still have a job and if anything made my status there more secure. (Or at least I think I have, never like to take that kind of position for granted and assume I am safe.)

The losing of friends whom I thought were loyal only reminded me to better appreciate the ones I know are loyal.

I started blogging again on a regular basis and have kind of a renewed love for writing.

The wife and I got through the year healthy, we have a nice home, we’re still crazy in love with each other and still consider ourselves a team that no matter what else sticks together. We have two animals who are honestly better than any one else’s pets. (No need to argue or fact check that, I just know it’s true so move on)

We as a people managed to vote the Progressive Conservative party out both provincially and federally. Granted it’s somewhat debatable if the people we voted in are any better but I’m a firm believer in “change is good.”

Now that I type this all out and think back to what 2015 was, it really wasn’t a bad year at all.

Still, I’m not that upset to see it over even if 2016 will probably (hopefully?) be more of the same.

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