Jason Spezza: Time Lord

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I’m not a Doctor Who fan by any stretch – I haven’t seen a single episode to be honest. But when a call goes out to attach a head to a body, I have to answer the call! (Wait, what?)

And so I opened up my Photoshop and came up with this…

Spezza Time Lord

I don’t know what a “Time Lord” is and understand it’s fictional. I kinda know what a “Jason Spezza” is and still feel he’s possibly fictional… But I thought this turned out pretty good.

Bonus content..

For some reason I thought Spezza wore 15 for the Dallas Stars, so I did this first for Jason before he corrected me…

Nemeth Time Lord

That’s Patrik Nemeth. Not as good a hockey player as Spezza so fittingly the Spezza photoshop was better. He’s still a Time Lord now though so he’s at least got that going for him.

Time to look up what a Time Lord is now..

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