Selling My NHL Playoff Fandom For Charity

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I Art Middleton, fully realizing that the Winnipeg Jets are not going to make the playoffs (again) this season would like to today formally announce my intention to sell my fandom to the NHL fan base that donates the most money to Edmonton Extra Life through my personal profile from now until April 10 @ 11:59 PM.

Wait, what do you mean you’re “selling your Fandom”?

I mean that since the boys in Winnipeg aren’t going to make the 2017 NHL Playoffs, I need a team to hop on the bandwagon for at least the next two weeks and hopefully longer into late-June. Instead of just randomly picking a team by myself I want to open it to every playoff bound fan base to “convince” me to join their side. By “convince” I of course mean “fan base that pledges the most money”

And who is getting this money?

The charity you’re going to donate to is Extra Life which is a 24 gaming marathon that takes place this year on November 4-5.

Ok, great… What does Extra Life do?

Extra Life is a charity in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation. More specifically in my case, it’s in support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation which does absolutely amazing work helping not only the kids, but in turn the doctors and nurses that help these kids and in turn the families of these kids who also benefit from the additional support.

So you’re in Edmonton, helping an Edmonton based charity.. I’m in *insert city not named Edmonton*, why shouldn’t I help someone supporting my own local hospital?

You should and if you do, awesome! Any donation in support of The Children’s Hospital Foundation is fantastic no matter where it is. All this is, is a chance to get a little extra bang for your donation buck and get someone who uses Twitter (a lot) to get on your team’s side for the upcoming playoffs!

Besides you never know… A kid that gets help here in Edmonton may end up growing up into a big strong hockey player, get drafted by your team and lead your club to Stanley Cup glory!

Ok, you may have got me interested, but why is your “fandom” worth a donation? What would you bring to our fan base?

Look, I won’t sit here and tell you I’ll be the difference between a one round and done fan base and a Cup winning fan base, but honestly as far as “Stanley Cup rental fans” I’m humbly feel I am someone worth spending a few bucks for kids on.

I’ll be changing my Twitter profile – avatar, profile picture and colors, bio – to declare my new found (bought) love for your team and make sure I follow along with every single game. I’ll celebrate huge goals, big hits. I’ll mock our miserable opponents and make fun of their favorite foods. I’ll follow a bunch of you so I can get truly informed opinions on who I need to love and hate. I’ll buy some merchandise.. A hat for sure but maybe even a shirt or a jersey if they get past the first round (maybe buy a new piece of merch for each round won?)

Oh and GIFs. I make those now. I’ve been told they are kinda neat. I know there are plenty of people that make ‘em now, but if I’m a fan of your team, I’ll have a GIF of every goal, hit, big save & moment that happens in the 2017 playoffs for your team. I’ll also take requests for GIFs if I happen to miss something.

Ok, I’m sold. How do I donate and get you on my team?

Click on either of the buttons below or above this text! That will take you directly to the Extra Life donation page. From there, make any donation you’d like. Near the bottom of that page will be a “leave a message” box.. In that box you have to specify what team you’re donating for! (“Donation on behalf of the Oilers” or “Go Flames” or “Root for the Blue Jackets” .. something like that. Make it obvious who you want me to root for.)

Submit your donation with your vote and that’s it! I’ll be sure to keep donations and a running total on Twitter going so everyone can follow along.

The close off for this is April 10 at 11:59 PM – At that point, the team that has had the highest amount of dollars donated on their behalf wins and has my undivided devotion for as long as the stay in the playoffs!

If you have any other questions or thoughts, be sure to hit me up on Twitter!

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