No Really, What The Hell *AM* I Doing?

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So this whole keeping up a blog here went about as well as I expected it to go right?

In my defense, it’s not like I haven’t been writing at all. On the contrary I’ve been writing and working more than I have in maybe the last five years. Maybe more than I did back in my Defending Big D days.

Which, now that I think of it, isn’t a very high bar to clear.

But anyway, I’m going to catch you up on the last seven months or so. At least on a few important items anyway.

Item 1: I updated this blog and created a post which you are currently reading. Hooray!

Item 2: I took over as Managing Editor of and I am still questioning the judgment on that.

Not mine of course. I would have been a fool to pass up the chance. I have long respected the work the Nation Network has done with, building the network they have and branching out into clothing and other avenues.

I feel very fortunate to be part of a great team and an amazing set of writers.

The ones I am questioning those who decided to ask me to take over. As I mentioned in my “introduction” as managing Editor, I feel like JN has gone from All-Star talent leading them, to a scrub career minor leaguer. This seems to be working out well enough so far though. We brought in a bunch of great writers and I am legit excited for the new Jets season.

By the way, I capitalized the title of “Managing Editor” not knowing if I should have and not really caring to check with AP Style Guide or whatever, which I think makes me perfectly qualified to edit other people’s work.

Pray for those other people.

Item 3: Hey speaking of praying for people, how about one for my Father?

Wow, that came off awkward and dark and cheery all at the same time. I suck at transitions.


Anyhoo… Last year we found out my Dad has cancer. It’s terminal.

I still feel strange typing that out.

I try not to bring it up too much anywhere partly because I am still trying to come to grips that it’s a thing that’s happening and partly because I really don’t think I need to advertise it or try to make a special case out of it.

My Dad has cancer. So do a lot of other people’s Dads. It sucks, but what are you going to do right? No sense moping around and kicking rocks. Just resume life as good as one can and hope for the best, which is what my parents seem to be doing.

But man, fuck cancer.

Item 4: The Houston Astros are really, really, really good!

This actually has nothing to do with me outside of the fact they are my baseball team of choice.

I just felt like I needed to pick up the mood a bit.

They are really good though. I am enjoying the hell out of it.

Item 5: Video games are still good too.

I’m going to expand more on this over the next week or two or more – there is an ulterior motive to me trying to “revive” work on this site – but I am streaming games (mostly Overwatch which is still a solid addiction for me) on Mixer.

And there is Extra Life coming up in November. Very excited for my fourth year which I hope is my best year yet with them.

So there is more coming with this site, I promise. (No really.)

It’s probably going to be a lot of bullshit. I specialize in that sometimes.

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