Extra Life 2017: The Stretch Goals

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Extra Life 2017 is on November 4th and this is my fourth year taking part. The graphic below shows you how much has been raised so far and is a direct link to the donation page.

This year, my goal is to raise $730 which is the total amount of money I have raised over the first three years that I have taken part. New this year as well is “stretch goals” that I will go through with if we hit certain personal fund raising milestones…

$300 – Go… Oilers?!

$300 is kind of a big deal for most Extra Life participants because it’s the mark they need to hit to get their limited edition t-shirt for GameDay. I’ve proudly hit this mark the last two years and this year’s shirt is really nice. If I hit this, you know I’m wearing this on GameDay, but what about my head or even my face?

If I hit this mark, I’ll wear an Edmonton Oilers hat AND have an Oilers peel-on tattoo on my face.

I’m a Jets fan. This will be near sacrilege for me. But it’s For The Kids, so I’ll gladly do it if it gets Edmontonians to donate!

$500 – White Hair, Don’t Care

I’m a few months away from 40 years old and I already sport quite a bit of grey hair both on my head and in the beard… When we hit this mark, I am just going to speed that process up by dyeing my hair (both head and beard) completely white from the time we hit this goal right until gameday itself.

$730 – Give It Away Now!

The ultimate goal! As a ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped get me here, I’m going to enter everyone who has donated and given me contact info of some sort into a draw for the following:

$50 – XBox, PlayStation or Steam Gift Card.
(More to come)

$1000 – Tattoo Me!

If a cool G is raised by the end of the official Extra Life Game Day (2:00 PM MST on November 5th) I’ll get an Extra Life logo tattooed on my right arm. What will it look like? A little something like this…

Beyond $1000…?

Let’s just focus on getting to $1000, but as we get closer more goals will be added for sure.

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