The Greatest Hockey Team Ever

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Dean Ambrose – Seth Rollins –  Roman Reigns
Xavier Woods – Kofi Kingston – Big E
Shinsuke Nakamura – Finn Balor – AJ Styles
The Miz – Cesaro – Sheamus

Braun Strowman – Brock Lesnar
Jimmy Uso – Jey Uso
Sami Zayn – Kevin Owens

Samoa Joe
Mojo Rawley

If you’re a hockey fan, you know what this is.

It’s the lineup I’d have for a hockey team, if said hockey team was nothing but WWE Superstars.

I don’t feel like I need to explain more than that, but please allow me to explain in more detail my thought process in creating the greatest hockey team ever.

I feel like Shield & New Day as my top 6 forwards is perfect. Roman clearly is a power forward, Dean will crash the net, Seth is my sniper.

Kinda the same for New Day line. Woods is crafty, Kofi is a vet and knows how to get open, E can just wreak havoc.

Shinsuke, Finn & AJ is a fantastic energy line and would pose all kinds of match up problems. They would be fast and way too hard to keep up with.

My fourth line may see like three minutes a game but Miz will be yapping at the other team the entire game, so it works. How annoying would this line be to play against? Miz – who is pretty talented in his own right – would annoy the shit out of you, and then once he tries to start something, The Bar would be right there to punch your face in while Miz would continue to yap at you.

My defense… Good lord and good luck getting past Braun and Brock. Usos of course are the second coming of the Niedermayers. Zayn & Owens would be higher but management keeps trying to demote them for some reason.

Samoa Joe as my goalie is a no brainier. Big man, fills out a net and honestly will Uranage the shit out of anyone who goes near his crease. Mojo is the backup goalie.. the less we see of him the better, but he may prove useful once in a while.

What I didn’t list up here is my coaches and management…

My coach is Triple H. He’s the friggin Cerebral Assassin, how stupid would one have to be not to have him as coach?

Daniel Bryan is the player now turned GM.. The NHL won’t let him play any more due to health concerns, but that might not stop him from going to the KHL.

Vince of course is the owner.. A little too Jerry Jones like in his approach. He tries to stay out of the way and let the ops people run his team, but in the end if he wants Roman playing 45 minutes a game, by God, Roman will play 45 minutes a game.

Oh and Elias not only sings the national anthems at home, but on road games he plays a 45 minute concert outside the arena where he runs down the opposing team and the city they play in. I only mention this because this gives me a GREAT excuse to add a clip of the greatest music performance the city of Cleveland has ever seen.

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