This Is Still Somehow A Thing

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I kinda feel like a bad husband coming home to a waiting wife who knows she’s been cheated on.

“Look, I can explain everything…”

When I renewed this blog last December (or is that last-last December?) I kinda made the joke that I would try to write more in it, but I knew I wouldn’t. But honest to goodness, I did mean to write here more.

It’s just I wrote over at more. I already kinda covered that back in August.

So when that time rolled around again in December to renew this little corner of cyberspace I have carved out for myself, I was this close to walking away.

Honestly, Twitter is my personal website. Those are my insta-thoughts. They increased the character limit of tweets. Hell, they even made it easier to make threads so I can have long rambling thoughts about how I’d ice a hockey team made up of current WWE Superstars.

(FWIW, I am making that a blog post on here tomorrow. I don’t care if it’s cheating or whatever. It’s my writing, I can re-post wherever I want damnit.)

JetsNation… Facebook… Those could be considered me “personal website” really. I can communicate through those sites as easily (if not easier) than I can with this one.

But I renewed the licence on this domain for yet another year. I honestly don’t know why other than there is a certain comfort knowing I have my own place on the internet even though I already have a bunch of other places on the internet. Mixer. Instagram. Linkedin. Hell, I still have a Tumblr.

But none of those are “mine” like this site is “mine” so I continue on with this site.

Again, can’t say as I’ll post all that much on here. I’ll try, but the bar of expectation is set very, very low.


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