Who Am I?

I’ll start with the basics…

My Name Is Art Middleton

ArtJetsI’m a 39 year old male living in Edmonton, Alberta. I have a wife named Rose, although we aren’t actually “married” but we have been together since 2002 and for all intents and purposes we are husband and wife.

(One day I may talk to you about my views on marriage, pointless ceremony that is more burden than anything else and the act of buying diamond rings as a superficial symbol of ‘commitment’ .. It’ll be super fun!)

The reason this website is here is because like so many other people I just want to carve out my own little corner of the online world and maybe get my voice heard by a few people as I shout into a cavernous void.


There is a list of things I love that I proudly would wear a ‘geek badge’ for..

  • Sports. (Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football and all other sports.. in that order)
  • Twitter (More on that in a moment)
  • Video games (Rocket League FTW)
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Comic books (Marvel fanboy, but I don’t mind DC)
  • Funko ‘Pop Vinyl’ figures
  • Politics (Don’t expect me to discuss it with you though for various reasons)

Where you’ve seen me…

I have a Twitter which is appreciated by literally dozens of people. I have other social media accounts but none of them are as good as Twitter.

I blog about the Winnipeg Jets on JetsNation.ca and I also run that site’s social media accounts. This is convenient as I consider myself a die-hard Winnipeg Jets fan. It would be super awkward if I wasn’t.

I did at one time blog about the Dallas Stars and even took part in a weekly podcast. This was convenient as I considered myself a die-hard Dallas Stars fan. It ended up being super awkward when the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg and I no longer was as big a Stars fan as I was a Jets fan.

Make contact...

e-mail: gametimeart (at) gmail.com
twitter: @GameTimeArt
facebook: facebook.com/GameTimeArt.net
XBox GT: GameTimeArt

Basically anything you're on, search "GameTimeArt" & I've likely claimed the
username. If there isn't something I haven't claimed my preferred name with,
and you do so with the idea that you'll get me to pay you for it, the joke is
on you as I'm part Scottish and thus too cheap a bastard to care to pay for it.


“Ok this is all good, but I have one last question..”


“What the hell is up with “GameTimeArt” and why is that your name?

Fair question. My previous username was “Liontamr” (What up Chris Jericho!) and I think GameTimeArt is an upgrade. Knowing I love sports and video games, I think the name is fairly self-explanatory.

We good here?